UConn’s EUROBIZ program is designed to prepare you for a career in the global marketplace by offering you the opportunity to experience first-hand the practice of business and management in another industrialized country, Germany. The program prepares you for work with any of the thousands of companies that have gone global and need business experts that can work in a variety of cultural settings.

Upon graduation, EUROBIZ students will bring not just sophisticated technical know-how and creativity to their jobs but also foreign language skills, cultural sensitivity and an international awareness that U.S. and foreign companies consider key in today’s global economic cultures.



This four- to five- year program leads to a dual degree, a BS conferred by the School of Business and a BA conferred by CLAS. It includes

  • a three to six-month internship in Germany and
  • a one-semester study abroad.

The program is open to any qualified business student and requires no previous knowledge of German. Students electing EUROBIZ receive the same quality business education that UConn has always provided, i.e. programs accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Students enrolled in the program benefit from our longstanding relationships to German universities, companies and a state to state partnership between Connecticut and the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

EUROBIZ consistently links two majors, German Studies and one of the many majors offered in the School of Business, at all levels of instruction. Through classes and program specific events the program introduces you to German-speaking business faculty and German business professionals from the very beginning.

Uni Mannheim 10


Students start learning German by taking German 1001 and 1002 taught by experienced educators and often native speakers. In their course design the instructors take into account EUROBIZ students’ interest in international business and intercultural communication. The focus throughout the German Studies curriculum is on building intercultural citizenship competencies.

At the intermediate level, in the second year, students continue studying German with a focus on applying their linguistic skills with learning about cultural differences, office contexts, politics, and business communication.

As juniors and seniors, EUROBIZ students take all upper-level classes necessary to earn both degrees. Many of our students take some of these classes before or after their internship in Germany at one of our German partner universities (see Baden- Württemberg Exchange Program), especially the University of Mannheim which is home to the #1 business program in Germany.

Friesenheimer Insel bei Nacht


Students are encouraged to pursue one or two summer internships with companies in the U.S. before embarking on their three to six-month internship abroad.

The German professional experience usually takes place in the spring semester of the fourth year of study and/or the following summer.

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