Germany eases citizenship laws

The history of German citizenship is complex, and following numerous changes to its laws in the last two decades, the so-called “Ampel Coalition” is updating the rules for citizenship to fit today’s German cultures and societies:

The government plans to make people eligible for citizenship after five years in Germany, or three in case of “special integration accomplishments,” rather than eight or six years at present. German-born children would automatically become citizens if one parent has been a legal resident for five years, down from eight years now.

Restrictions on holding dual citizenship will also be dropped. In principle, most people from countries other than European Union members and Switzerland now have to give up their previous nationality when they gain German citizenship, though there are some exemptions.

Read the full article here. More information is available at DW.

Success with Interships in Germany 2023: Quentin Walliser

As the EUROBIZ program grows, we are featuring short portraits of EUROBIZ students who are currently in Germany and have successfully secured their internships for the second half of their stay. Our fourth portrait presents Quentin Walliser who is working for Mahle. Here’s what he reports back:

“My name is Quentin, I spent my first semester in Germany studying at the University of Tübingen, which I would greatly recommend both for the location and culture, but also for the education. The foreign language courses especially were amazing. Now I am continuing my time abroad with an internship at Mahle in Stuttgart. Mahle is one of the biggest companies in the area earning over 1 billion Euros in sales per month and it is a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry, as well as a pioneer for the mobility of the future. I am an intern in the Corporate Controlling Reporting department, and my main responsibilities are to develop new reporting dashboards using SAP systems. Getting knowledge in the use of SAP, the leader in business applications, is a great opportunity. The atmosphere in the company is also great, and we have very flexible working hours, a great cafeteria, and I am working directly next to the Stuttgart Zoo, the Wilhelma. I was able to get a season pass for only 42 Euros, and we can even hear the monkeys from the office, it makes for a great way to relax with a walk before going home. I started on March 1st and will be working until August 25th.”

Success with Internships in Germany 2023: Eric Modica

As the EUROBIZ program grows, we are featuring short portraits of EUROBIZ students who are currently in Germany and have successfully secured their internships for the second half of their stay. Our third portrait presents Eric Modica who is working for Mercedes-Benz. Here’s what he reports back:

Hello everyone, my name is Eric Modica. I am a EuroBiz student at UCONN. I study Accounting along with German, and I am currently living in Tübingen. For my internship, I was able to obtain employment in Stuttgart with Mercedes-Benz Group AG as a marketing intern. Officially, the project is called “Retail of the Future”. My position there is basically geared towards assisting in the rollout of a new sales model, known as Model D, in our overseas markets. We are a very international team that works with markets all over the world. Some examples are Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, and more. I will be working until mid-August, and I am quite excited to learn more about business practices here in Germany.

Success with Internships in Germany 2023: Michelle Buerkler

As the EUROBIZ program grows, we are featuring short portraits of EUROBIZ students who are currently in Germany and have successfully secured their internships for the second half of their stay. Our second portrait presents Michelle Buerkler who is working for Trumpf. Here’s what she reports back:

After studying at the University of Tübingen, I will be continuing my year abroad in Ditzingen, Germany, at the TRUMPF headquarters. I am working in the Corporate Marketing Trade Shows department which is responsible for the organization and planning of TRUMPF’s trade fairs. I have loved learning how this process takes place and was able to jump right in with TRUMPF’s INTECH trade show taking place my second week. I look forward to the next 5 months here at TRUMPF and am grateful for this opportunity and the support the Eurobiz program has provided through this experience.

EUROBIZ students visit Legrand Company in West Hartford

On Friday, February 17th, a group of EUROBIZ students, accompanied by Prof. Gerlinde Berger-Walliser, the Co-Director of the program, visited Legrand in West Hartford. The excursion offered not only an exploration of the company, but also a wonderful opportunity to meet a variety of managers and employees and to glimpse career opportunities for the future. The visit was expertly arranged by Kelly W. Kennedy who summarized the visit as follows on her LinkedIn account:

The University of Connecticut School of Business is grateful for our strong partnership with Wiremold in West Hartford, Connecticut (Legrand North America). Their team spent a fantastic day with our Eurobiz students last week. The program was designed to educate our fluent German-speaking students on global business and demonstrate the critical work done in this industry. This was a very hands-on experience, where students could view the manufacturing operation on the plant floor and their tech and power solutions in the Wiremold Experience Center. We are incredibly grateful for the team that put together the day that exceeded our expectations. Legrand prides itself on” transforming the spaces where people live, work and meet, with innovative and sustainable electrical and digital infrastructures.” Thank you- The Wiremold Company Legrand Judy Travers Adonica Walker Lawrence Gerlinde Berger-Walliser Anke K. FingerRobert Sauer, M.S.#urobiz #uconnbusiness #careerdevelopment #manufacturingindustry #connecticutjobs

The EUROBIZ program will regularly organize company visits in the future.

2023 Success with Internships at German Companies: Sophia Ruelle

As the EUROBIZ program grows, we are featuring short portraits of EUROBIZ students who are currently in Germany and have successfully secured their internships for the second half of their stay. Our first portrait presents Sophia Ruelle who is working for Henkel. Here’s what she reports back:

After completing my first semester abroad at University of Tübingen, I am very excited to be continuing my time in Germany with an Internship at Henkel as part of the Eurobiz curriculum. While the company name may not be as recognizable, Henkel is a German company that represents powerful brands such as Dial and Snuggle. I will be interning in the Internal Communications department focusing on internal employer branding and employee engagement. Most of my work will be focused on creating global content for all locations of Henkel to use, including their Stamford location in Connecticut. I am also excited to discover a new city as I will be living in Düsseldorf for the time.

Viel Erfolg, Sophia!

Sophia Ruelle wins Group Case Competition with University of Mannheim

“I signed up for the VW case competition because I was looking for an opportunity to test my teamwork skills when it comes to a topic that I had not learned about previously and working with very different people. In my group, I got the opportunity to work with a fellow UConn student and two Mannheim University students from Germany. It was very fun and interesting being able to hear the different perspectives and also how what we are learning in different countries can also be very similar. Overall, I think it is very important everyone takes the opportunity to participate in at least one case competition in college to work on your teamwork skills. I think this is what made my group so successful, as we were able to meet on several occasions, split up the work accordingly but always help each other when we were stuck with our section.” (Sophia Ruelle, Eurobiz Student)

For more information about the competition, please visit the uconngerman newsblog!

Congratulations, Sophia!


German Business Leaders at Diversity Conference (Deutsche Welle)

With the new “Ampel” government in place, German business leaders and media are calling for an increased focus on and efforts to support diversity in German-speaking businesses at home and abroad. The Deutsche Welle team summarized the article linked below and has some footage to share from the conference:

Decision-makers from business, science and politics in Germany are at the annual Diversity conference to show their commitment to an inclusive workplace. But many attendees complained that the country is lagging behind.

Read the full article here.


The African Merchant – New German-African Business Magazine

Celebrating the launch of a new business magazine in Düsseldorf, the African Courier comments on The African Merchant as follows:

The African Merchantseeks to accompany African entrepreneurs, providing insights, highlighting challenges and reporting success stories thereby revealing best practices,” Awoniyi, who is also the publisher ofThe African Courier,said.

“We hope you will enjoy reading the magazine and, above all, find it useful as you master the challenges of self-employment and thrive in your different ventures.”

Check out the new magazine here: