Information for Employers/Sponsors

Working with EUROBIZ Students

As a Connecticut based company with strong ties to Germany working with EUROBIZ students, you are opening up a valuable channel to get the best talent in business and German studies. Our students are held to a high standard to be considered ready to partner with your organization. EUROBIZ students who are generally going into their Junior year at UCONN and have a strong foundation of completed business and German courses are encouraged to apply to local German firms in Connecticut to enhance their academic experience. Through these partnerships your organization receives high quality business interns that are inter-culturally trained and a better fit for your organization than the general business student.

Students who complete at least one local internship and who are sufficiently advanced in their business studies, foreign language skills, and interpersonal workplace skills are encouraged to intern abroad. Before applying to firms in Germany, each student is vetted by our staff to verify their readiness for a foreign internship. During the internship, EUROBIZ periodically checks in with students to ensure they are contributing to your organization at the high standards we set for our students.

Whether you are based in Connecticut or Germany EUROBIZ students will be looking for long-term employment opportunities after graduation. By enabling EUROBIZ students to intern at your firm you foster these connections of known talent looking to apply. If you are interested in hiring a EUROBIZ student for an internship please contact us. We will reach out to discuss your needs. Once we know what types of qualifications you are searching for we will work to connect you with the students that best match your needs.

Partnering with EUROBIZ

The EUROBIZ initiative is focused on creating connections and alliances between the University of Connecticut and European organizations, especially in Germany. We intentionally targeted Germany because of the strong cultural similarities, concentration of German firms in Connecticut, and alliances with nine universities in and the State of Baden-Württemberg. Additionally, we see an industry demand for German-American business people who can cross the cultural and managerial divide to help German, American and international organizations cooperate and compete in global markets.

EUROBIZ students provide a unique perspective from their studies and cross-cultural experience. German employers who are looking to understand key trends in the U.S. market will benefit greatly from EUROBIZ students as they can provide insights into the local market and act as liaisons for the firms’ interests in America. American firms can likewise benefit as they look to understand the German market and communicate effectively with German firms.

In addition to hiring EUROBIZ students for internships or permanent employment there are multiple other ways to partner with EUROBIZ, such as being a guest speaker in one of our classes, hosting a company visit, or collaborating with our students on industry sponsored projects. If you are interested in any of these activities or becoming part of a EUROBIZ industry advisory board please contact us.