Frequently Asked Questions

What makes EUROBIZ students stand out?

EUROBIZ students stand out to globally oriented employers because the employer doesn’t need to provide extensive new training to make you a productive new hire. The combination of management and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of the German language and culture will allow you to understand the ways of doing business in both cultures immediately.

If the company is foreign-based and operating in the US, the EUROBIZ student:

  • Will understand the German approach to business and can help the company become more successful in the American market
  • Can communicate with colleagues from the parent company and read its blueprints and other documents
  • Can serve as a liaison between the parent company and the US subsidiary
  • Can be sent abroad for futher training or special projects at the parent company

If the company is US American with subsidiaries abroad, the EUROBIZ student:

  • Can facilitate the company’s success in foreign markets
  • Can communicate with the local workforce and business contacts
  • Will be aware of specific requirements of the foreign market (such as environmental laws, safety issues, privacy issues, etc.)
  • Can serve as a liaison between the company and colleagues abroad

Will I get a job when I graduate?

For our graduates the question may be more often: “What company will make me the best offer?” There is industry demand for EUROBIZ graduates, especially given transferable intercultural skills that are key to making multi-national teams work in addition to hands-on experience with an internship that is tailored towards each student’s career goals.

Why Germany?

  • There are more than 1000 US companies with subsidiaries in Germany, more than 1100 German companies with subsidiaries in the US, and 50+ companies with ties to Connecticut alone
  • Outside NAFTA, Germany rankes third (after China and Japan) among the countries with which the US trades (fifth, including NAFTA countries Mexico and Canada)
  • For the expanding Eastern European market, German is the language of commerce
  • German ranks ninth among world languages, with approximately 100 million people for whom it is their first language
  • German industry is export-oriented; therefore, business experts are needed who can facilitate expansion in foreign markets

How does EUROBIZ prepare me for the global marketplace?

  • UConn's School of Business currently offers a dozen undergraduate business majors
  • From the outset of your academic program, the study of German is linked to your interests in business
  • Starting in your third semester, you will learn how to present and discuss business projects in German
  • The German Studies major gives you in-depth knowledge of the language, culture and history of Germany
  • You participate in a four to six-month internship in Germany during your studies
  • Internships, guest lectures by industry representatives, company visits and study trips to Germany will afford many opportunities to establish personal contacts with future employers

Isn’t business by itself almost too much to handle?

EUROBIZ is a challenging program; however, if at any point it becomes too difficult to continue with both degree programs concurrently, the German Studies program offers a number of strategies for catching up. For example:

  • Summer programs, such as the German summer school at the University of Rhode Island through which you may take two or more full courses within six weeks
  • German courses offered by the Goethe Institute in all major US cities and in Germany
  • Select study abroad programs offered at UConn that allow you to take German language, literature, and culture courses at a German university

EUROBIZ students form a tight knit group that offers support in the sometimes anonymous atmosphere of a big state university. You will have plenty of direct interaction with the faculty, as all German Studies courses are small.

What kind of financial aid can I get during my time at UConn?

You are eligible for all scholarships and other forms of financial assistance offered by the School of Business and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

In addition, EUROBIZ students:

  • Receive a salary during internships
  • Are eligible for scholarships through the Baden-Württemberg Exchange Program (part of the Connecticut Baden-Württemberg sister-state agreement)
  • In most cases, studying abroad actually saves you money!

How do I enroll in EUROBIZ?

Apply to the School of Business and enroll in the first semester German course. Submit an additional degree form .pdf during the first two full years of German Studies.

Do I need to know German before I start?

No, you can start with the first-semester German course, which assumes no prior knowledge of German. However, if you have had German before, we can place you at a higher level that will save you some course work.


Yes! You will be able to participate in all the activities that the School of Business and the German Studies program organize for their students. Among these are:

  • Film series and other cultural events
  • Guest lectures by industry representatives
  • Study trips to Germany, usually supported through grants
  • Company visits to companies in the area
  • Small classes
  • Enthusiastic faculty
  • Contacts with the German exchange students on campus and numerous other resources online and in person