Plans of Study

Below you will find examples of plans of study designed around the 2020-2021 catalog requirements.* These plans will help you visualize how Business majors and the German Studies major fit together. Please note that these plans of study are intended to be used as samples and it is important that you work with your advisors to create your individual academic plan.

Please use your Academic Requirements Report in StudentAdmin to determine your catalog year, which is typically the year you started in the School of Business. Please meet with Brandy Nelson or Alex Sauer in the Undergraduate Programs Office to develop the plan of study for yourself based upon your majors, campus, graduation timeline and catalog year.

Download this guide that shows opportunities for overlap between School of Business and College of Liberal Arts & Sciences general education requirements (based on the 2020-2021 catalog year).

*Please note that the Environmental Literacy Competency is only required for catalog year 2019-2020 and later.


Sample Eurobiz Plans of Study

Students with advanced credit standing may be able to adjust these plans to graduate in less than five years. Students who are admitted to majors not offered at Storrs, will need to account for taking their business courses at the campus where the major is offered.  Eurobiz students must plan to spend an entire academic year in Germany. 

German Studies + Accounting German + Accounting Five Year
German Studies + Business Administration German + Business Administration Five Year
German Studies + Business Data Analytics German + Business Data Analytics Five Year
German Studies + Finance German + Finance Five Year
German Studies + Financial Management German + Financial Management Five Year
German Studies + Healthcare Management German + Healthcare Management Five Year
German Studies + Management German + Management Five Year
German Studies + Management Information Systems German + MIS Five Year
German Studies + Marketing German + Marketing Five Year
German Studies + Marketing Management German + Marketing Management Five Year
German Studies + Real Estate & Urban Economic Studies German + Real Estate Urban Economics Five Year